Chin filler/ Chin enhancement is an alternative to surgical chin implants available in Perth.

Quick facts: Chin Filler

Also known as: Chin enhancement, chin dermal fillers, non-surgical chin enhancement, non-surgical chin augmentation

Treatment for: Enhancing a chin to be more prominent, enhancing a chin to look more symmetrical with facial features, changing the contours of chin to look more defined and chiselled, creating softer contours for the face, creating a V-shaped face shape

Treatment area: Chin

Change the contours of your chin with a chin filler to achieve the look you desire

Have you always admired people with a strong and prominent chin, giving them a chiselled and more masculine appearance? Perhaps you would like a more feminine look by softening the contours of your face where your chin sits. You can even achieve the popular V-shaped face that Asians consider the most attractive face shape.

Changing the definition of your chin subtly changes the appearance of your face shape, and you can do it without painful surgery and without shaving your jawbone.

To achieve the facial shape you desire, a filler is injected into your chin area. For a natural result following a quick “lunchtime” treatment, contact Dr. Teh for a consultation and to discuss your options so Dr. Teh can customise your treatment plan accordingly.

What is Chin Filler?

Chin Enhancement is a procedure otherwise known as Chin Filler. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique of changing the shape of your chin to improve the overall proportions of your face. Before any filler is administered, Dr. Teh will personally assess potential candidates and discuss your requirements, the treatment options available, and the types of fillers to be used to treat your specific concerns. 

How long will the Chin Filler last?

Depending on the amount of fillers administered, the type of fillers used, quality of your skin and the metabolism of the fillers in your skin, the enhancement will last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. The filler eventually gets absorbed by your body and your chin will return to its pre-treatment state. Which is why many patients opt for regular treatments to maintain their “new chin”.

Is the treatment painful?

Most Chin Enhancement fillers contain local anaesthetic so the procedure can be relatively pain-free. Dr. Teh prides herself on her experience with administering fillers with a gentle hand and will therefore ensure your treatment is comfortable. 

Are there any side effects?

As with most filler injections, it is common to experience some mild bruising, swelling and tenderness. But these side effects should last no more than 2 days, and they can be easily camouflaged with make-up if necessary. 

An in-depth discussion with Dr. Teh is vital to assess all potential risks and rare side effects before undertaking the treatment.  

Will there be downtime with Chin Filler?

Generally no. Most of our patients have virtually no downtime and most of them can go back to work or daily routine after the treatment. However, individual experiences can vary depending on your skin type, medications being taken or aftercare. To ensure your recovery is quick and hassle-free, Dr. Teh and her team will be available to assist you after your Chin Enhancement treatment if needed. However, results from Chin Enhancements are usually immediate and you will appreciate your new look right after treatment. 

How do I know if Chin Enhancement is right for you?

If you have a square jawline but you would like to create softer contours to look more feminine – a common request by women – this is a pain-free way to achieve that. Or maybe you have always felt like you wanted a more masculine look with a more chiselled jawline – a common request by men – this is a non-surgical way to get that look too.

Asians are also fascinated by the V-shaped face, or V-line, that their Korean idols have, and Chin Enhancement is the quickest way to achieve the look they desire. Dr. Teh understands Asian faces and proportions, and uses her eye for Asian beauty coupled with an understanding of how to work with Asian faces differently to successfully bring the desired V-shaped face to our Asian clients. If you think contouring your chin could help you put your best face forward, with no pain, immediate results, and no downtime, then Chin Enhancement might be the right treatment for you.

Can I go back to my daily routine after having Chin Filler?

Yes, most people get their treatment done within an hour and they can go straight back to work or back to their usual daily routine immediately. However, you may want to be careful about doing sporting activities that can potentially injure you or knock your chin following treatment. In uncommon cases, the injected filler may migrate away from the injection site and gather into bumps or lumps beneath the skin, if knocked. To reduce this possibility, we also recommend not aggressively rubbing your chin in the week after treatment.

Will people be able to tell that I’ve done a Chin Filler treatment?

This will depend on your aesthetic goals. If you’re after a subtle look that improves your aesthetics slightly, Dr. Teh will ensure the treatment is done to achieve a subtle but improved appearance. In some cases, people may not be able to tell that you’ve had your chin enhanced; some people may even think you’ve lost weight when they see a sharper jawline or a more V-shaped face shape. However, some clients desire a more dramatic chin enhancement, in which case the results may be more noticeable. Dr. Teh will work with you to discover your desired outcome and be able to recommend accordingly. At the end of the day, if you’re not happy, we won’t be happy either. A thorough consultation is the best time to manage your expectations and talk about what you want your outcome to be. 

Who will be doing the consultation and treatment?

We are a boutique cosmetic clinic which specialises in personalised solutions for our patients seeking non-surgical treatments. Dr. Teh personally sees to all consultations and treatments to ensure patients will achieve their desired results. It is important that the doctor doing your treatment is experienced and fully qualified. Dr. Teh has 17 years of experience and has not had any major complications arising from administering fillers or treatments. 

What is the cost of Chin Filler/Chin Enhancement?

The treatment starts from $450, depending on the volume required, the type of fillers used and the skin type. Speak to Dr. Teh or book a consultation to get a thorough treatment plan worked out based on your needs.

Why choose Dr. Teh for my Cheek Filler treatment?

Dr. Teh has been administering filler injections for the past 17 years. The experience under her belt extends beyond her medical expertise. With her eye for symmetry and aesthetic beauty, Dr. Teh assesses each candidate thoroughly; candidates are evaluated based on their desired results, individual budgetary constraints, suitable treatment options to achieve your desired outcome and confidentiality guaranteed for all consultations. Dermedica Perth specialises in providing the best and latest technologies in non-surgical treatments, so if candidates are found unsuitable to undergo non-surgical procedures, Dr. Teh will also be able to advise accordingly and point you in the right direction. If you have an idea of how you want to look but are not quite sure if this is the right treatment for you, Dr. Teh can advise you with all your available options at your consultation. 

Dr. Teh has also worked on many Asian clients since 2000 and specialises in knowing what works well with Asian faces and the common treatments sought after by Asian clients. Understanding the Asian face helps Dr. Teh customise treatments accordingly and even recommend other complementary treatments to suit a client’s desired aesthetic look. 

Why is should you consider Dermedica Perth Cosmetic Clinic for your chin enhancement ?

We strive to obtain a high patient satisfaction for all our clients. From the moment you step in for a consultation to going through with a treatment, you will make you feel comfortable through the whole experience. The dedication and passion drives Dr. Teh and Dermedica Perth to providing only the best services for our clients in Perth. 


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