The dreaded word for most women is cellulite. It is a common and harmless condition occurring in over 90% of women over the age of 30. The condition describes the dimpling, orange peel or cottage cheese appearance of the skin. The appearance is caused by the herniation of fatty deposits within a fibrous compartment.

What causes cellulite?

  • Genetic predisposition: Some people are more prone to develop cellulite
  • Ageing: As the ageing skin becomes more relaxed, the fibrous compartment falls downwards creating a dimpling effects on the skin. In addition, the skin gets thinner which makes the dimpling more prominent. Most women will develop some degree of skin irregularities as they age especially on the thighs and buttocks.
  • Hormonal influence typically estrogen is the culprit. Some people are more susceptible to the estrogen levels in their body. Estrogen is responsible for the storage of fat. Hence the fat cells enlarge and dimple the skin.
  • Microcirculation and lymphatic drainage related to ageing, sedentary lifestyle, diet and smoking
  • Smoking: impairs the microcirculation and cause reduce oxygenation to the subcutaneous tissue causing accumulation of toxins and deterioration of the tissue.
  • Diet: Diet with an excess of sugar and fat and processed food
  • Excess weight: (Although people who are slim can have some degree of cellulite.) People who are carrying excess kilos will worsen cellulite because the fat cells within the tight compartment become bigger.
  • Excessive sun exposure: a more sun damaged skin will accelerate the ageing process and worsen the appearance of cellulite.

What treatments are available to treat cellulite?

First and foremost before we discuss about treatment for cellulite, a healthy diet and regular exercise is the first step to manage cellulite. Unfortunately some women have to put more effort than others. Once you have tried the best you can to sustain a healthy diet and exercise and if cellulite is still a problem then we can offer some solution to treat your cellulite.

We have developed cellulite treatments to help smooth out the lumps and bumps and at the same time help you to lose inches. At this point in time there is no cure for cellulite however we have develop protocols to address the 3 treat main causes that makes cellulite looks worse:

  • Skin laxity. Cellulite can worsen with age as the skin gets more saggy.
  • Poor circulation and lymphatic drainage to remove toxins in the cellulite area
  • Fat cells. Increase in weight will enlarge fat cells and caused more dimpling.

How do Dermedica help their clients get rid of cellulite?

At Dermedica, we can offer you different choices of skin tightening and body contouring devices to give you the best possible long term result. We use a combination of suctioning radiofrequency and Exilis Elite to tighten the skin and ‘melt’ the fat cells. Our various radiofrequency devices range from bipolar, monopolar and multipolar to tighten and strengthen the skin.

Who is suitable for the cellulite treatment?

To obtain the best result for cellulite treatment, one must not be overweight (ideally less than 5kg off their target weight), on a healthy diet and exercise.

Once you are within your targeted weight, you may want to touch base with us.

Contact Dr Teh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 92051995 to assess your suitability.

Do you need to take time off work?

There is no downtime associated with radio frequency treatment.

Is the cellulite treatment permanent?

Unfortunately cellulite treatment is not permanent. Due to the dynamic nature of the cellulite conditions, most of the cellulite treatments provides temporary relief and requires some maintenance treatment once or twice a year.

Is non invasive cellulite better than liposuction?

For small and medium sized fatty areas, Exilis can be a better option than liposuction as it’s more convenient and with less recovery time. It works on improving body shape via fat reduction but also promoting tighter looking skin using monopolar radio frequency, which may reduce the appearance of dimpling if the client has skin laxity.

The client can expect a tolerable warm sensation during the treatment, and with skin needling the skin is numbed so the treatment is also tolerable.

How many treatments do you need?

Most people need a series of treatments and the cost of the treatment starts from $399 per area depending on the size.

Contact Dr Teh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 92051995 for an assessment to determine the number of treatments you required.

Why choose Dermedica for your cellulite?

At Dermedica you will be examined by a doctor to determine whether the treatment will be effective for you. Dr Teh has been doing body contouring and cellulite treatment for more than 16 years.

If you are getting frustrated with your cellulite and you have tried dieting and exercise, call Dr Joanna Teh for an assessment of your skin condition to discuss your options.

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