When you choose Dermedica Perth Cosmetic clinic, you will be offered plenty of non surgical cosmetic treatment options to give you beautiful skin.

Dr Joanna Teh at Dermedica fills a vital niche between beauty therapists who can't administer advanced techniques that provide longer lasting, superior results, vs. cosmetic surgeons whose treatments are more invasive.

Dr Joanna Teh boasts a proud tradition of service to Perth since 2000, and we look forward to many more.

Since 2000, we have cultivated a place dedicated to the care of your face and body using cutting edge techniques and technologies using non invasive methods by highly specialised team to customised an individual tailored skin and body program.

Safety, Experience, Dedication to cosmetic medicine in Perth

There is no doubt your safety comes first.

It is imperative that you choose a cosmetic doctor over an inexperienced practitioner who merely offers cosmetic medicine as a sideline. Dr. Teh dedicates 100% in cosmetic medicine unlike general practitioners, dentists and nurses who only provide cosmetic treatment as a add on service.

Dr Joanna Teh is a full time cosmetic doctor who has refined this delicate art & science for over a decade. Like any science it is crucial to keep up-to-date.

Dr. Teh constantly researches new technologies to deliver the most advanced, long-lasting, & safest treatments available.

Why Choose Dermedica for your cosmetic treatment?

We do it differently. Dr Teh is an experienced cosmetic doctor who will be closely involve in all level of your care when you undertake a cosmetic procedure at Dermedica cosmetic clinic

All of our clients are assessed by Dr. Teh. A thorough history and examination will be taken in detail followed by an honest conversation between you and Dr Teh about the treatments and results – no false promises.

Ever sensitive to our clients’ needs, we even have a discrete waiting room for clients desiring more privacy.

All cosmetic injections like wrinkle relaxers & fillers are administered by Dr. Teh only and not a nurse. We use only licensed and approved dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injection products.


Like many other industries, cosmetic medicine is undergoing rapid changes, making it very difficult to effectively navigate the field as a consumer. We are proud to have many long-standing clients with us, and we believe that loyalty comes from being honest to our clients and delivering results for our clients.

We treat our customers with a 5 star service and our loyal client base is a testament to that.

We CARE about YOU and your results

When you chose to make your appointment at Dermedica Perth Cosmetic specialist, you will receive the highest level of care under a full time cosmetic doctor as well as the knowledge and skill from Dr Teh’s years of experience.

It is important to consider experience, expert skill and genuine care from a cosmetic doctor that really cares about her patient and the result she can achieve for them.

Once you see Dr Teh you will understand the level of attention and the geniune care she provides for you.

To ensure the highest level of care, we keep an accurate history each time you visit us to ensure you always receive the optimal treatment plan.

Factors such as your skin type, and historical response to treatments allows us to calibrate treatments such as skin peels, fractional resurfacing and other treatments to always give you the best results with minimal level of discomfort or side effects.

Knowing your facial contours from an early age assists us to best maintain and restore such contours in middle age and later in life. This help achieve results that look and feel more natural for you.

Knowing your treatment history also lets us know your expectation, how your body responds to treatments, painkillers, anaesthetics, anti-bruising medications, and anti-inflammatory medications ahead of time, and better assists us in providing you the best advice for future treatments.

Such an approach ensures we safeguard your appearance and take every possible step to maximise the benefits and limit risks of poor outcomes to the lowest possible level.

The big difference in the Dermedica approach is that Dr Joanna Teh, an expert on Cosmetic medicine will be involve in ALL level of your care.

Cosmetic treatments by a non-medically trained providers may be associated with a higher risk.

You can have beautiful skin

Taking a sensible approach to treating your skin in gradual steps at specific intervals throughout life can result in a more youthful healthy skin to keep you looking great as you age.

Choosing the right cosmetic doctor as your skin care partner is essential for life long maintenance of healthy and younger looking skin. When you choose Dermedica, we are dedicated to improve and maintain your skin to look beautiful using the latest technology and techniques.

We offer a comprehensive program so you can have beautiful skin.

We are here to help you clarify the best treatment to meet your needs. When you choose Dermedica, you will have the advantage of our knowledge and experience to recommend the most effective treatment for your skin.